Hello, this is Lance Cleveland. Today, I’m going to go over how to create Pio and mo files for our products so that you can get our base plugin, as well as the add-on packs in your own language. Now the preferred product we like to use for that is loco translate. You can find loco translate at the WordPress plug-in directory, just search for loco, translate and download. It is a free plug-in and download and install it activate it, and you will have it available to do translations now, once it’s installed and activated you’ll see loco translate on the sidebar, just go to manage translations, and it will show you every theme in every plug-in That is installed on the site. You are running this on whether or not they’re active so in here.

I will see that I have all these different products that are available now. One of the things you’ll notice is, it will show you the languages that shipped with the product – in this case, dual locator plus pages, has shipped with French, Japanese, Dutch and the sub dialect of Japanese translation files. So the other thing you’ll notice, is these percentages here.

That is the percentage that that language file has for completing translations. For the last version it was translated for so that’s a little bit deceptive and one of the first things you’re going to want to do when you load. This up is you’re going to go into any of these add-ons or plugins that you want to do a translation for and pick the language that you want to have translated and get it up-to-date. So I’m going to update the french file for store, locator plus store pages. I can see it was last translated on version 4.0, so this is going to be quite out of date. So, to get this updated, I’m going to hit sync, and this will read the source code, that’s running on your server today and recalculate.

All these strings that need to be translated. You can see there’s quite a lot of new strings now that didn’t exist back in 4.0, so the bottom part shows you the correct translations for ones that are still valid and the top part are all the ones that need to be done now, I’m just going To do a couple of URLs URLs should not be translated into the native language. You should be untouched and I’m going to just put the French version of that translation down here and I go through and do that for each of these URLs now for things like store, locator plus pages you’re, going to want to translate those into your language for Each one of these entries that you see here on this list, so I’m I don’t speak French, so I’m not going to even try to attempt this and butcher it. But that’s the general concept is to translate each of these strings.

They will show up up on this top part, and once you do that these ones will the star need to be saved. Just click Save it will automatically generate the PIO and m/o files and put them in the languages directory.

For that particular plug-in that you’re running and now you’ll be able to see those strings throughout the product translated into that language. Now, for those of you have gone through this process, we ask that if you have done translations into a specific language to send them to us, the easiest way with loco translate is just to click. This download button and download the PIO and mo file and then mail them to support at store, locator comm, again support at store, locator comm.

Anyone who sends us translation files that are complete or mostly complete, preferably over 95 %. Then we will send you the next. Most popular add-on pack in our list, the latest version for you to use on your site and hopefully encourage you to send us more translations. So, for anyone that can do this and send those to us that’s very much appreciated and that’s the way we show our appreciation is by giving you some free add-ons for store. Locator plus, if you already have the next most popular add-ons like pro pack, is one of the most popular ones.

Then let us know what, when you might be interested in and we’ll see what we can do to send that out to you again, thank you for reading and supporting store, locator plus

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