Please Read And Understand This page Before you Buy

 Google Organic Seach Bot

Seach and Visits websites like Humans

google search bot

Please Consider These Points Before paying :- Because its a Money Matter don’t want to hide anything – its your right my duty to disclose every negative and positives.
1. This is not a instant Download After payment we Create License manually that may take 15min to 16hr(Time Difference)
2. You must have Subscription to HMA Pro- The Third party software for Unique IP’s and Vpn’s
3. It’s Not Run and Forget type of bot- Reasons
    It Depend on HMA pro for Unique IP addresses- And because these IP’s are comming from hundreds of servers installed on 230+ locations some time
    Hma may get connection issues. You need to connect HMA if such issue arise..
4. We really don’t Give Guarantee of Results, because this is only one of the methods that affect Seo Ranks. You should not only rely on this bot for Good    You  Should keep doing other Seo work on your website, As they too have thier own values.
I think I am being transparent enough to disclose these points. But yes this bot can really do some wonders I my self use it rank websites.
Below are some positive points as well.
For complete list of Features please check main sales page
1. The Visit this bot sends to your website will be validated in Google Analytics and Statecounter or any other Web Traffic analyser.
2. One of our Client Explain this


Buy “Demo” First to Get

hands on this bot

Single PC License
You can use on Single PC
If you are Owner and don't have many VPS or Computers or You just want to use on Single computer this is best choice.
10 PC License
You can use maximum 10 PC
Best suited for group buys or enterprise have more than 10 VPS or 10 computers you can install bot on your staff computers.