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The First and Original Traffic Bot for Organic Traffic. Other’s Copy Cats

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Most Important Ranking Factors. Read Below

This Traffic bot will Help you Deal all these Major Seo Ranking Factors and Improve your Keyword Search Positions in SERP. Yes.. Reduce Bounce Rates – Increase CTR – Organic Traffic

Justify Your Ranking From Every marketer wants his/her website to appear on the first page of the search results for the main keywords. However, even if your website is on the first page but not getting clicked on enough, Google has every reason to push you down the ladder. Sometimes, websites from the second and even third page of the search results manages to make it to the first page simply by having a higher clickthrough rate. Falling off the first page isn’t exactly ideal for your SEO.

The 8 Most Important SEO Data Points of Any Website

Organic visits matter a lot, because this is the number of users who are finding your site by typing queries into Google or other search engines. This is the goal of search marketing — creating a website and web content that people will find organically. The more organic visitors, the better you’re doing with your content and content marketing.

The 2 User Metrics That Matter for SEO Keyword Ranking Factor Metric #1: SERP CTR   and Metric #2: Bounce Rate The first metric I think Google makes broad use of is direct Click-Through Rate (CTR) from the SERPs themselves. Whether or not a result gets clicked on is one of Google’s and Bing’s first clues about whether any given result is a good match to a query. We know Google and Bing both have this data, because they directly report it to us.


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Fill Website Site Details

You Just need to fill Few website Details Like, website url, Keywords, time etc and you are ready to go

Hit Play Button

After That Just Hit Play Button, and Bot will Start functioning..

Find Your Website in Google SREP

Bot will find your Website in Google Search pages, and Keep finding till the last page.

Visit Your Website and Inner pages

Once Bot finds your website, Bot will visit your Website and Internal pages, with Human behaviour like scrolling pages. and behave as if someone is reading.

Reduce Bounce rate to zero

This Bot help you reduce bounce rate of your website, because all visit from this bot, have zero bounce rate because it visit your internal pages.

Increase CTR Most Important Seo Factor

In Year 2016 CTR is going to be the most important factor after Social signals. and You can achieve High CTR if you use this bot.

Approved in Analytics

All Visits of this bot are approved and can be verified in Google Analytic

Approved By Statcounter

Yes, This bot visits are also approved and verified by and Others as well

Approved by Webmaster Tools

Above all Visits of this bot also approved by Google’s Webmaster tools. Where all visit got filtered but they also approved this bot visits.

How This Traffic Bot Works

    Open Google Search ► Type Your Keywords

  Find Your Site on all pages ► Visit The Site and Stay there for time specified once Found

  Stay & Click Internal Pages ► Reduce Bounce By visit Various page for time you specified

  Act Like Humans, Human behaviour integrated like Page scrolling etc.

  After Each Visit auto Change IP, Mac, User agent,Os, Browser, Network, Country, Clean history,

  Move to Next Keyword in the list after changing HMA IP address automatically.

 Click Random Website on Every page of Google Search before it visit your site, But increases bounce rate of your competitors, coz it just go and come back so increases bounce visits.

Why Organic Search are So Important for Seo


Features Not found anywhere

  •   Integrated HMA PRO, Highly Recommended Works Auto Boot When Required.
  •   Auto Change IP Address once a Visit is completed
  •  60+ Useragent to make your Visit come From Different OS, System, Browsers.
  •  Random Time Pause Between Searches to make visit come at different Times
  •  Non Stopable Now This Bot Works Sleepless
  •  All Visits Valided and Verified By Google Analytics and Statcounter or anyother traffic analysis tools
  •  Different Time settings for different Sites Set Your Own Time differently for every keyword or website.
  •  Android, blackbery, Bada OS Integrated* Coming Soon
  • Scheduling Random Search Puase Time in Minutes, Bot will go in pause mode for the time you specified in settings in minutes

Some Real Reviews From Seo Webmaster Forums

Core Features

Unique IP Every Visit

To get best results you will need high quality Unique IP so that every visit to your website is a unique visit. And this can be achieved by using Hma pro software, This is only Bot for traffic that integrated HMA pro, and change IP address whenever a visit is completed.

Mobile Useragent

There are cracked version of our old Google organic search bot 3.3 available but they are not doing any good. because they use only have one user-agent support, Genuine Google search bot have mobile and all other user agents. So Now your can send visits from different OS,browsers, and systems.

Click Internal Pages

In year 2016-2017 Google is giving more importance to user experience and this bot actually help get you zero bounce rate by visiting random internal pages of a website.


This Search traffic bot only visit internal page of a website, but also spend time and scroll these pages as if some human is reading your pages, this feature is only available here with human behaviour.


The best part of original software is that you can use as many keywords for a single website, you can specify many keywords in the bot’s keyword sections, bot will visit by picking random keyword and search your website using that keyword in Google search result pages.


You can create as many campaign you want, this bot will randomly pick details from a campaign and make search and visit to your website. This way Google will not be able to keep track as visits will not be in sequence.

Requirement – More Info HMA PRO

For Unique IP and for best results you must have HMA pro software installed. This traffic bot is only Bot which can change IP address automatically using hma pro, without any fail. Google Search Bot knows exactly when a visit is completed and when it needs to change the IP address.

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