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Google Organic Search Traffic Bot Google Organic Search Traffic Bot

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Understand this Concept and You’ll Save $100′s That Would be Wasted on Traditional Seo!
Search Results UnAffected by Over-BackLinking and OverDone SEO!
Traditional SEO and Linkbuilding is ‘Dead in the Water’ after ‘HummingBird’ Update!
Google Ranking Now More Geared Towards Organic Search!
It is We, Humans, Searching For and Visiting Sites Thru that Now Influences Keyword Ranking More Seriously
The More a Site Gets a Hit for a Particular Keyword, the Greater the Chances it Will Appear on the Google, First Page, Top Ten Results!
Believe and Compare yourself All Proofs are Real not fake like most of other vendors do..I have this site in videos also..
Believe and Compare yourself All Proofs are Real not fake like most of other vendors do..I have this site in videos also..
Open Google Search.
Features of This Bot
Auto Change IP Address and Boot Hma Pro
Integrates with HideMyAss Pro, (Required)
60+ User Agents Means Visits from Different OS & Browsers
Many Different OS-Based User Agents
Randomly Timed Pauses Between Searches
More About This Bot
Bot Don’t have any error in itself
All Visits Validated By Google Analytics & Statcounter
Screen Resoultion Also Changes as per User Agent**
If user agent is from mobile,mac,or tablets
Different Time Settings for Different Sites
Automatically Visits Other Sites for a More Natural Effect
HMA Pro integrated . Bot Knows when to Change IP Address

100% Refund 

If This software does not work on your system.

Process of Refund :- Contact us if this software is not working on your system we will check it and try to fix the problem you may be facing.

But if our experts also not make this software workable we will refund your money in full.

Refund Policy 
Don’t Buy if you Don’t Have HMA Pro- Its a Must - More info on Hma Pro
Type in the keyword Which you specified for your website.
Click and visit your website once it find, no matter even it is on 20th or 50th.
Clicks ‘Search’ and Looks Thru the Various Google Pages for Your Site
Stays on Your Website and Clicks on Internal Pages Just as if a Real Human is Browsing Your Site!
Once a Visit is Completed it Changes IP address, Clean Cookies (Using Ccleaner) & Moves on to the Next Search
This is the only software of its own kind that understands when to change an IP address automatically. Built-in intellegence knows when a visit has been completed and thus it changes the IP address so that only unique visits are sent.